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Sunday 28 Nov 2021
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Ask us About QRay

With QRay wellness bracelets and pendants you have greater clarity, you perform at a higher level and you feel more positive.

Antique and Estate Jewellery

Find out the value of your jewellery.

We buy gold and silver: Do you have jewellery that you're ready to part with? We sell and purchase antique and estate jewellery.


I brought Alderwood Jewellery 2 one side of earrings that had great sentimental value. Debbie suggested we combine them into a pendant. I wear this pendant every day and it means alot. Thank you Debbie!

Antique and Estate Jewellery

  • Find out the value of your jewellery.

We buy gold and silver

Do you have jewellery that you're ready to sell ?

Here's a few good things to know:

  • Gold has more value than silver when cashing out jewellery.
  • If your jewellery is broken it doesn't matter as it is the quality of gold and weight that determines its value.
  • It helps to know what the karat value of your gold (i.e. 10k, 14k, or 22k). There is an inscription somewhere on the piece that tells you the karat value of the piece. A gold chain stamped with *375* would be 37.5% precious metal, or 9K.

First communion and confirmation gifts

For an unforgettable gift experience, try

Alderwood Jewellery and Watches First Communion gifts

For girls especially, it is quite common for them to receive First Communion jewelry which includes items such as a cross, crucifix or locket. A fresh new variation of First Communion jewellery is the sacramental charm bracelet.

For boys who typically do not get jewelry as a gift, this day is a significant exception. It is very common for young boys to receive a cross, crucifix or a religious medal such as a four way medal.

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