At Alderwood Jewellery & Watches, we offer watches to serve every customer, from seasoned collectors and the fashion conscious, to the client who simply seeks a reliable timepiece. We provide reliable technicians who can do watch repairs, whether it is a simple quartz watch, an antique watch, a family heirloom or the most complex and challenging mechanical.

At Alderwood Jewellery & Watches we do jewellery repairs, maintenance and specialty services, we are experienced in ring sizing, polishing, soldering of broken pieces, the re-tipping of claws, the restringing of pearls and beads, engraving and plating.

We offer guidance and encourage our clients to learn about diamonds. With every customer, we discuss the processes involved in making a piece of jewellery, to ensure that it is perfect for that momentous occasion.

At Alderwood Jewellery & Watches we're glad to answer any questions you might have.

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