Aurelio Alabardi Jewellery Boxes

Imported from Italy, these wooden jewellery boxes have covers of embossed  sterling silver then handpainted with exquisite artwork by Aurelio Alabardi.

These jewellery boxes make stunning gifts.

Boxes are available in sizes:

About the Artist

Artist Aurelio Alabardi resides and works in Castelfidardo (Marche, Italy) where he is born in 1953, for many years and has a workshop “Zeta Studio D’arte” with his wife Marina. The company is well known in making artistic silverware, and hailing from a region famous for the high silverware quality, their products have a very good reputation among international buyers.


Aurelio is involved in all stages of the creative process, from planning to making the models, all the details of the original sculpture is recreated in the models he handcrafted.


Regarding Aurelio’s painting and private artworks, his studio is located in the historic center of Castelfidardo, in a small and cosy alley from where one can admire the beautiful landscape of the Sibillini Mountains.


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