QRay Bracelets & Pendants

The QRay wellness bracelet's innovative design helps to restore the body's natural balance. When you are in balance, your everyday life benefits. You have greater clarity, you perform at a higher level and you feel more positive.

How does it work?

Your natural energy flows via channels called meridians. Within the 14 meridian channels, there are approximately 360 acupuncture points that act as pathways for your natural energy. QRay bracelets are wellness bracelets designed to optimize your natural positive energy.

QRay Deluxe Series

The Deluxe Series bracelets offer both style and function. Made with a surgical stainless steel band and a premium plating process to ensure maximum durability. Extremely flexible for a custom fit and easy removal, these bracelets have been a best seller for the QRay brand for over 15 years. They are recognized on athletes’ all over the world.

The QRay Deluxe Series consists of:

  • Rose Gold Deluxe
  • Rose Gold Combo Deluxe
  • Gunmetal Deluxe
  • Combo Deluxe
  • Gold Deluxe
  • Black and White Deluxe

QRay Plus Series

QRay Plus has hi-gauss magnets used for centuries to promote a healthy lifestyle- total gauss of 3000. Many people rely heavily on magnetic therapy, so QRay has incorporated magnets to the Silver Deluxe bracelet to bring the added benefit of magnets.

QRay Classic Series

This is the bracelet that started the QRay phenomenon has a durable silver rhodium plated band. The QRay Classic comes in either Combo Standard or Gold Standard.

QRAY Lite Series

This light weight simple stainless steel bracelet is designed to provide a sleek and stylish look. The sportiest version of all the QRay bracelets, you will forget you are actually wearing a bracelet.

QRay Lite series comes in either QRay Lite Steel, QRay Lite Gun Metal, QRay Lite Gold or QRay Lite Titanium.

Q2 Wellness Collection - Milano Series

the Milano Bracelet features a double core web band made of flexible stainless steel for a custom fit. With highly polished stainless steel and gold coloured terminals. Milano Bracelets are comfortable against the skin. The interlocking mesh band allows air to reach the skin to keep the bracelet feeling smooth against the wrist, even on hot and humid days.

Q2 Wellness Collection - Midnight Series

Created with an interlocking mesh, the Midnight Bracelets are stainless steel bands that have an IP black powder coating baked onto the band. This one-of-a-kind design features stainless steel terminals polished to a gold finish or steel finish.

Q2 Wellness Collection - Titanium Series

Titanium is biocompatible (often referred to as hypoallergenic), or non-toxic to the human body. It is highly resistant to most causes of corrosion, including sea water, chlorine (in water), and some acids are therefore practical for those who regularly swim in the ocean or chlorinated pools,), lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal.

Titanium bracelets have varying degrees of fatigue resistance and tensile strength. The flexi-feather cuts on this bracelet should be handled with care.

The Titanium bracelet fits one size larger than other Q-Ray Bracelets: x-small fits 6 to 7 inches; small fits 7 to 7.5 inches; medium fits 7.75 to 8.5 inches; large fits 8.5 inches +.

Q2 Wellness Collection - Sterling Silver Series

Made with 92.5% Sterling Silver this is our most elegant and delicate Q Ray bracelet. The Sterling Silver bracelet has a braided band.

Q2 Wellness Collection - Basketweave Series

The Basketweave bracelet is made of flexible stainless steel with a braided design and is capped with polished stainless steel terminals. Men love this bracelet as it has a more rugged feel, and masculine appeal.

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